The 12 Apostles Brewery, situated in Port Campbell, is renowned for its naturally fermented beers that showcase a distinctive English flavor. The brewery is managed by The Brewery Mentors, a consultancy company led by a highly experienced German Brewer.

The primary retail outlet for the brewery is the Sow & Piglets taphouse, where customers can sample and purchase their range of beers. Additionally, the brewery engages in wholesale distribution by supplying packaged beer to various local outlets, such as restaurants and party hire businesses.

With a focus on traditional brewing techniques, the 12 Apostles Brewery takes pride in crafting high-quality beers that align with the English brewing tradition. By leveraging the expertise and guidance of the German Brewer brought in by The Brewery Mentors, the brewery is able to deliver exceptional products that cater to diverse consumer preferences.

The Sow & Piglets taphouse serves as a welcoming space for beer enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to directly experience and enjoy the brewery’s creations. Furthermore, by retailing their packaged beer to local outlets, the brewery extends its reach, enabling customers to encounter their products in various establishments throughout the area.

Overall, the 12 Apostles Brewery, managed by The Brewery Mentors, operates with a commitment to producing naturally fermented beers with an authentic English character, while simultaneously catering to the needs of both individual consumers and local businesses through its retail and wholesale operations.