The Sow & Piglets Brew Pub came about from the need to renovate the BBQ area of the Port Campbell Hostel. Not someone to do things by half measure, John Moloney set about creating a ‘Boys Own Adventure’ by creating a brewery. He had always enjoyed a beer or two …and there’s always room for another business in John’s book.

Everyone knows that an adventure on your own is no fun at all, so he went about enlisting the help of a few industry gurus, including the guys from Grain and Grape (notably Simon Haylock and John Preston), and now-retired Associate Professor John O’Grady.

Thorough research was undertaken in the form of a trip to the Craft Brewer’s Conference in Philadelphia, with a stopover in San Diego to assess how to involve the local community, and the dye was set. Grain and Grape Melbourne, the importers of the Braumeister brewing equipment, assisted with the setup and layout. 

As the dream progressed, John did a microbrewing course at SA TAFE, just to comprehend exactly what it was the Professor and Simon were talking about.

What he needed next was a handsome German brewer with plenty of passion and personality – but he ended up settling on Julian Widera, figuring that his passion and personality would have to carry the extra load …and he is German.

Julian studied the art of brewing in Berlin and determined to make the beer the traditional way, the German way, he brought his knowledge to Port Campbell and Sow and Piglets was born.

To this day, all of our beer is brewed according to German purity laws. We do not add any additives, we give our beer enough time to mature and develop its own natural flavour.  And we don’t filter or pasteurise our beer either.

We serve our beer in different glasses too, each type has its own style and character and they look great on the table. Our tasting paddles are legendary. And although we sell our beers in cans too, we strongly encourage  patrons and guests alike to take home a growler or squealer, filled with fresh tap beer.

It’s the most environmental option as it is waste free and beer tastes fresh, even in the comfort of your home. The Brew Pub itself is an essential part of the Guest House and our common areas are designed to accommodate both patrons and our overnight guests.

Large, comfortable couches, chairs, cushy bean bags, small tables, high tables, wine barrels, games, music …. We have it all.

Plus, of course, our main outdoor deck. Choice is yours. Just grab a seat, come up to the bar and grab your beer or pizza and off you go.

Beer is fresh, on tap, pizzas only take minutes to make, we also have selection of wines and few spirits, plus softies to keep kids happy. Please check our current menu for latest offerings.

Our beer is so good!

Sow and Piglets Brew Pub uses traditional brewing methods

  • Malt mashing
    Malt mashing
  • Boiling
  • Fermentation and cooling
    Fermentation and cooling
  • Kegging and canning
    Kegging and canning