The traditional Aussie Beer Garden is on the wane, unfortunately. To reverse this trend and to take full advantage of those warm long daylight hours in Port Campbell, what better way than to kick back and enjoy great German lagers.

We have created a boutique beer garden on the eastern side of our building to ensure that the weather is not too windy and that the beer is cold and refreshing. We have planted hops and decorated the venue in traditional German beer garden style. Geraniums adorn, on one side of the beer garden, together with traditional German barley bags.

Two types of beer are available – Marzen, which is your typical Oktoberfest lager and a Kölsch, which is from the Cologne region of Western Germany, near the famous soccer town Bochum. All beer is served in jugs and to enhance the menu, dumplings are available from our on-site food van.